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Access and Terms of E-Resources Use


Breaching copyright or the license agreements could result in the publisher withdrawing the University’s access to resources.

Access to E-Resources

On Campus Access

PUT Library offers on campus access to e-resources.

Computers for accessing electronic resources are available in Informatorium and Reading Room.

E-resources are only available to users authorized by Poznan University of Technology (academic staff, PhD students and students of the first and second cycles).

In order to access e-resources using library’s computers, readers are required to log in using their own student or academic e-account.

More information: Computers & Internet » Internet Access.

HAN – access from home computers

PUT Library offers access to some e-resources (bibliographic databases, full-text versions of journals and some other electronic documents) to academic staff, PhD students and students of the first and second cycles, who use computers that are not part of PUT network, e.g. home computers.

Only holders of valid PUT Reader Card can use the service.

Access: by links to resources on the lists of sources - the user connecting to the network from outside the university will automatically be redirected to the login form.

In order to log in, readers are asked to enter:

  • readers who have Student ID Card with barcode

    user: barcode,

    password: PESEL number or birthdate (yymmdd);

  • readers who have Student ID Card without barcode

    user: student record book number,

    password: PESEL number or birthdate (yymmdd).

If you have any comments and/or suggestions concerning HAN service, please contact Scientific Information Department, phone: 61 665 2070, email: electronic [at] library.put.poznan.pl

Access Restrictions

Licenses for many e-resources restrict access to academic staff and students (of I, II and III cycles) of Poznan University of Technology.

Readers may:

  1. search, access and view e-resources
  2. copy materials (including making computer printouts and copies saved to portable devices/drives) and store the copies for as long as it might be necessary for their individual use  – in accordance with the provisions of copyright regulations and license agreements
  3. use e-resources for non-commercial research/private study only
  4. include parts of materials into their presentations with clear and visible reference/citation notes and/or “reproduced with permission of the publisher” notice.
  5. include parts of materials into a publication – in accordance with license agreements (if applicable).

Readers are prohibited from:

  1. creating local archives using e-resources provided by the Library (printing out or saving them on portable devices/drives full volumes of e-publications)
  2. using spider software for automatic downloads and copying texts routinely, as under the terms of license agreement, printing out and/or copying texts is permitted for non-commercial research/private study only
  3. deleting and/or changing any notices and/or disclaimers providing information on copyright and its owners and other limitation of liability clauses that appear on materials or the screen
  4. selling, reselling, renting and transferring information of any kind to unauthorized persons.