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printed habilitation and doctoral theses Informatorium

Scientific Information Department
tel. 61-665-2070
e-mail: electronic [at] library.put.poznan.pl

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online catalogue search Informatorium


  • doctoral dissertations in electronic format
  • notification concerning the sharing of scientific achievements
  • information about the conditions of publication sharing
Scientific Information Department
Karolina Poplawska, M.A.
Tel. 61 665 3521
email: repozytorium [at] put.poznan.pl
BIBLIO (PUT academic staff publications bibliography)
  • instruction and help
  • apply for publications registration
Persons in charge
  • apply for books and materials registration
  • registration help
  • search help

Dorota Nawrot-Becela

Tel. 61 665 3522

textbook [at] library.put.poznan.pl

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"Order copiers of articles" service Reading Room


Collection Development
subscription to Polish and foreign journals Periodical Publications Department
journals from donations and exchanges
acquiring access to e-resources

Iwona Pujanek, PhD
Tel. 61-665-2070
Iwona.Pujanek [at] put.poznan.pl

Jacek Willecki, PhD
Tel. 61-665-2070
Jacek.Willecki [at] put.poznan.pl

acquisition of books, books from donations and exchanges Books and Special Collections Department
recommendations for book acquisition Form


Library operation and courses
location, opening hours Info 1 - Info 5
library training course for students

Karolina Popławska

Tel. 61 665 3521

Karolina.Poplawska [at] put.poznan.pl

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