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Loans, Renevals, Returning Materials

Readers can borrow books and other materials at Circulation Desk.

PUT Library collections are available for registered readers with active reader account.

Readers are obliged to check their reader account after each loan, return or renewal. If necessary, problems should to be reported to the Library.

Literature search

Readers can use Library's online catalogue to conduct a literature search.

Online catalogue is available on the web and on computers situated in the Library.

PUT Library loans books marked [fig.1]:

  • Free access – borrowings from W collection (Wolny dostęp - Wypożyczane na zewnątrz z kolekcji W) or
    Free access – loaned for 14 days (Wolny dostęp - Wypoż. się na 14 dni)

    Items marked like this are freely available from Student Collection. To borrow an item, reader has to visit the Library and find it on the shelf. Materials can be borrowed using Self-Check service or with help of a librarian at the Circulation Desk.
  • Borrowing items from collections W (Wypożyczane na zewnątrz z kolekcji W ) and
    Borrowing items from collections Mg (Wypożyczane na zewnątrz z kolekcji Mg )

    Items marked like this are kept in the closed stack. To borrow such item,  a reader has to order it first (option Order from Online Catalogue)

Items from collection W (free access materials or items from the stack) can be borrowed for longer periods. Readers can borrow items with “on shelf” status.

Self-Service Borrowings

Student Collection

Free access – contains books and materials (W) beginning with shelfmark W 80819 and further to the newest acquisitions of books and materials recommended by PUT academic staff.

Student Collection is situated on the ground floor of PUT Library.

Reading Catalogue description

To find a book on a shelf reader has to note [fig.1]

  • shelfmark [1],
  • department [2].

Searching for books in the Student Collection

Student Collection is divided into 12 departments marked with letters from A to P. Each department, with the exception of P (Posnaniana), is further subdivided into parts. Books are arranged by shelfmarks.

Readers have to find the bookstand mentioned in the catalogue description of an item [fig.2] and then find the shelfmark within the appropriate shelf [fig.3]

Readers can borrow books and materials from Student Collection using Self-Check service or with help of a librarian at Circulation Desk .

Book arrangement on shelfs

  • All volumes of a book have the same shelfmark
  • Volumes of books within the same shelfmark are arranged on shelves by increasing volume numbers.
  • Different editions of the same book are arranged by the year of publication (from older to later editions)
  • Books marked with a red stripe on the spine can be borrowed for no longer than 14 days.


It is a self-issue machine that provides readers with the following possibilities:

  • borrowing books (only free access books from Student Collection)
  • book renewals using reader account

Requesting Books Remotely

Readers can request books remotely using Library’s Online Catalogue.

The Online Catalogue is accessible over the Internet and/or available on Library computers.

Readers can request books (shelfmark series Mg and W with the exception of books recommended by PUT academic staff) from the stack remotely.

Self-Check service allows readers to borrow other items from Student Collection.

Collecting Requested Materials

Readers can collect requested books at Circulation Desk:

  • all readers – within three days (the day when the request is placed + 2 working days),
  • part-time students, extra-mural students and PhD students – within 16 days

minimum 30 minutes after placing the request.

Borrowing Books at the Beginning of a Semester

At the beginning of a new semester requests for books are dealt with in the order that they arrive.

Student Identity Card entitles a reader to be in the queue. Student Identity Cards are collected from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00 and Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00.

During this period 3 day booking is not available. Books are taken from shelves only when readers.

Borrowing Restrictions

  • textbooks and materials published before 1965

  • books published before 1970

  • items from Collection A

  • journals

  • technical norms

  • special collections

  • inter-library loans

  • materials containing number of tables, maps, illustrations and folders with unbound cards

are available only for reference in PUT Library’s Reading Room.

Returning Borrowed Materials

Returns of all borrowed materials can be done using Self-issue book return service.

Readers can renew borrowed items before the due date.

Readers who fail to return borrowed materials by the due date shall be liable to a fine.

Self-issue book return

Self-issue book return - is service that enables:

  • to return books,
  • to print a transaction proof,
  • to check an account balance,
  • to print an account balance.

OPEN 24/7

more information

Email Notifications

Readers who provided their email address are notified about the coming due date.

The notifications are only additional information for readers – their absence cannot be regarded as a reason for an overdue fine to be cancelled.

Readers should return all borrowed items by the due date and are responsible for any overdue.


Readers can renew borrowed materials not earlier than 10 days before the due date, with the due date as the latest possible date

  • by self-service – using their reader account,
  • with a help of a librarian (in person, by phone, by email).

Notice: Overdue items cannot be renewed.

Renewals condition

“There is no demand for an item from other readers” (Regulation 12, part 1, paragraph 2 of Regulations Relating to the Use of Resources of Library and Information System of Poznan University of Technology).

Failing to Keep the Due Date

If your reader account shows the message “Materials are still out of Library” ("Materiały przetrzymane ciągle poza biblioteką") and the amount 0.00, it means the system has started calculating a fine to charge for each day of overdue.

Readers who fail to return borrowed materials by the due date shall be liable to a fine of 0.20 PLN for each day of overdue.

The system does not charge fines for the first three days of overdue if borrowed items are returned within this period; fines are charged starting with the fourth day of overdue and in this case include fines for the first three days.