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Poznan University of Technology Library Information System



§ 1

  1. Library information system of Poznan University of Technology, hereinafter referred to as the "University", is formed by:
    1) Poznan University of Technology Library, hereinafter referred to as "PUT Library";
    2) University’s organizational units’ libraries.
  2. Supervision over the University library information system is exercised by PUT Library Director with the participation of the library council.

§ 2

  1. PUT Library:
    1) is a university-wide organizational unit, which involves duties such as library services, didactics and research, and provides the base for the library information system;
    2) serves as a public scientific library and a centre of scientific information.
  2. University’s organizational units’ libraries participate in realizing the tasks of service, didactics and research of the parent unit with accordance to the library information system.



§ 3

The main duty of the library information system is to support the learning process of students and PhD students as well scientific work at the University by the following activities:

  1. Library information services:
    1) appropriate collection and preparation of library materials in the form of a joint online catalogue;
    2) sharing library materials and determining the terms and conditions for the materials use - in an integrated automated library system, in accordance with the applicable regulations for the registration of users and processing of personal data;
    3 ) proper storage, preservation and archiving of the materials;
    4 ) creation of digital information resources , also in collaboration with external organizations;
    5 ) organizing and integrating access to remote information resources - own and external distributed;
    6) creation and development of virtual library (with a library portal) - using the latest information and communication technologies - integrated with the structures of teaching and learning;
    7) provision of information services for users of library information system: both in traditional as well as in a distance form and integration of different kinds of services for specific categories of users and adapting the offer to individual and group preferences of the users;
  2. Education: Education of students in the form of classes on library information services and information literacy, as well as conducting seminars and training courses for PhD students on information skills in science and technology:
    1) conducting vocational training in the field of librarianship and information science;
    2) training other user groups in the field of library and information services, and the development of searching skills and new remote sites of scientific information;
  3. Scientific research:
    1) current documenting and archiving of written and publishing achievements of staff and PhD students as well as students diploma theses - making up the scientific repository of the University;
    2) conducting exploratory, study, research and design work - independently or in cooperation with other libraries and institutions - in the field of information science and librarianship - for the purposes of education and research;
    3) cooperation for the process of education and research;

    1) promotion of library information system, including publication of information materials, organization of exhibitions and participation in festivals and other academic and external events;
    2) cooperation with domestic and foreign academic libraries, scientific information centres and other organizations in the creation of a common European library and information space.



§ 4

  1. The basic organizational units for PUT Library are departments, whose duty is the implementation of the basic tasks of library information system, as defined by the PUT Library Director.
  2. Evaluating PUT Library Director proposals concerning the creation, transformation and liquidation of the departments lies within the competence of the library council.
  3. The organizational structure of PUT Library based on departments, as proposed by the Director, after consulting the library council, was approved by the Rector.
  4. Departments’ directors are appointed and dismissed by the Rector at the request of PUT Library Director and after consulting the library council.
  5. PUT Library can be divided into sections, teams and independent job positions, set up to perform the work specified by the immediate supervisor .
  6. To accomplish specialized tasks and new projects the library may appoint, from among the various organizational units of PUT Library, workgroups, based on decentralization and flexibility of activities.

§ 5

  1. PUT Library Director is employed by the Rector, after consulting the Senate, from among the candidates proposed by the library council. Detailed regulations for the employment and Director’s basic competences is determined in § 73 of the University Statute.
  2. PUT Library Director is the superior to all PUT Library staff and represents PUT Library.
  3. The duties of PUT Library Director include:
    1) managing PUT Library directly and coordinating the operation of organizational units’ libraries;
    2) evaluating proposals of the heads of organizational units on the creation, transformation or liquidation of library in the concerned organizational unit;
    3) supervising the merits of the library information system at the University in cooperation with library council;
    4) presenting to the library council proposals on matters relating to the library information system;
    5) managing the property and allocating PUT Library funds;
    6) presenting proposals regarding employment, promotion and rewarding PUT Library employees;
    7) presenting proposals regarding all matters concerning PUT Library;
    8) presenting the library council, to evaluate the project, with a financial plan and report on its performance and annual reports of PUT Library operation;
    9) presenting to the library council for evaluation, all requests on creation, transformation or liquidation of PUT Library departments and organizational structure, and then presenting the proposals to the Rector;
    10 ) creating sections, teams, independent positions and workgroups;
    11) establishing the scope of activities for all organizational units of PUT Library;
    12) performing other activities stipulated by law, provisions of the Statue, resolutions and orders of the University authorities;
    13 ) making decisions in all matters concerning PUT Library, not reserved to the competence of the University authorities.

§ 6

  1. The Library Council acts as a consultative body for the Rector and is appointed and dismissed by the Rector. The composition and powers of the council are determined by the § 71-72 of Poznan University of Technology Statute.
  2. In PUT Library operates the library management team, which is an advisory and consultative body for PUT Library Director.
  3. The library management team includes: the Director of PUT Library, as the Chairman, the Deputy Director for information technology and the heads of PUT Library departments.
  4. The Director may invite other personnel to participate in the meetings and the work of the library management team..

§ 7

  1. PUT Library may also employ:
    1) academic teachers in positions of certified librarians and certified employees of documentation and information science;
    2) employees in positions of: library curator, senior librarian and senior documentary;
    3) other library staff and employees of documentation and information science;
    4) scientific and technical staff and engineering technicians;
    5) administrative, economic and service staff.
  2. Preliminary decisions on all personal matters of PUT Library are taken by the Director. The final decisions (including the participation of the council in appointing directorial positions and positions of certified librarians and certified employees of scientific documentation) on the establishment, dismissal or termination of employment, promotion, reward and punishment of employees are taken, at the request of PUT Library Director, by the Rector.
  3. Each PUT Library employee receives an individual detailed scope of activities and responsibilities, developed by the department director or another organizational unit beyond the department, and approved by PUT Library Director.
  4. Individual detailed scopes of activities and responsibilities may be modified at the request of the head of an organizational unit.



§ 8

  1. Organizational units’ libraries:
    1) provide library and informational services for parent organizational institution through:

    1) gathering of library materials in accordance with the specialty of parent organizational institution;
    2) preparing library materials in accordance with the rules of library materials records including: preparing newly-bought prints compacted in the used integrated automated library system, in accordance with the rules of cooperation in creating a common on-line catalogue, prepared by the PUT Library;
    3) making library materials accessible and providing an access to remote information resources, particularly organized and integrated by the PUT Library;
    4) proper storage and maintenance of library materials;
    5) keeping annual library statistics required by the PUT Library;

    2) participate in meetings, seminars and trainings organized by the PUT Library, which are to realize the following:

    1) informing about current issues to do with library and informational system;
    2) introducing novelties in the scope of the used integrated automated library system;
    3) shaping and developing informational and searching skills and seeking new scientific informational services;

    3) participate in an ongoing documenting of written output of the parent organizational institution’s employees.

§ 9

  1. Libraries can be created within the following organizational units of the University: faculty, institute, chair, didactic centers, research centers and department.
  2. University’s organizational institutions’ libraries are comprised in the organizational structure of these institutions and they are officially subordinate to the Heads of the units where they operate.
  3. The Rector sets up, transforms and liquidates libraries in the organizational untis upon the motion of the Head of the unit where the library is to operate, after consulting the Library Council and the PUT Library’s Director.
  4. Library Council and the PUT Library’s Director give their opinion on the motion to set up, transform and liquidate a library in the interested organizational unit, keeping in mind didactic and scientific needs of the institution.
  5. Organizational unit’s Head, within which the library is operating, provides:
    1) an employee or a team of employees for the library, fitting for the library’s size and tasks;
    2) appropriate location and network conditions;
    3) appropriate equipment and security for library materials.
  6. PUT Library’s Director coordinates the operation of the organizational units’ libraries.
  7. The Head of the organizational unit where the library operates, has a duty to inform the Director about each and every change at the position of the person running the unit’s library.



§ 10

The conditions and detailed regulations for utilizing the library and informational system’s resources are defined in The Rules and Regulations for the Use of Resources  of PUT Llibrary and Information System.

This document herein becomes enforceable on the first of March of 2014.


Library Council approved this document
on December 6th, 2013

Rector of PUT approved
on …………..........